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When you are ready to set up your rental, or if you are looking to increase your clean, contact Last Chance in the Island Park area. We have linen service, cleaning supplies, and everything you need to keep your place spic and span.

Set Up Your Property as a Successful Airbnb

Most people who own houses or condos live in them as their primary residence. There are many upsides to having a nice home. Repairs are minimal when the property and structures are maintained and that means fewer surprises and greater peace of mind. You can relax and enjoy the comforts of home without worry.

When traveling, people also want a nice place to stay. Hotels work well, but there’s something homey and cozy about staying in a house. It’s also convenient to have a kitchen and some outdoor space.

If you own an extra home, especially if it’s in an area people like to visit, renting it out to tourists can provide a profitable income. You could try to do this on your own but you’ll run into the cost of advertising and have to deal with contracts and other paperwork.

An excellent option is to turn your property into a rental like an Airbnb or Verbo. Listing on the websites is easy, allows you to display photos, and reaches a huge number of potential renters. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to put your property on the market. There are several tips that can help you set up your Island Park home for success.

Keep It Clean

Perhaps the most important thing people look for in a place to stay while traveling is cleanliness. Look at some negative reviews of hotels and rental properties and you will frequently see references to places that were dirty.

Keeping your property squeaky clean is essential to your success. Last Chance Laundry provides commercial cleaning supplies to those in the Island Park area. Having a local supplier makes it easy to ensure that you never run out of the products you need to keep your rental sparkling clean. 

Making use of our laundry drop off/pick up service for linens and bedding is another way to save yourself time and hassle. We will professionally clean your linens and return them to you folded and ready for the next guest. Anything less than perfectly clean linens is the quickest way to poor reviews!

Crunch the Numbers

Before listing your property, you must have your numbers in order. Use your expenses, mortgage, insurance, taxes, Airbnb fees, and monthly bills to determine what you will need to charge to make a profit. A solid understanding of cost is essential to the finances of any business and that includes an Airbnb.

Set Your Prices Against Hotels, Not Other Rentals

It may be tempting to look at the rates of other rentals in your area to set your prices. It is better to set them considering hotel rates. When people are planning a trip, they typically search hotels first when looking for lodging.

When determining your rate, strike a balance between overpricing yourself out of the market and underselling your property. The right price makes everybody happy.

Be Aware of Local Laws

Every municipality has its own laws regarding short-term rentals. It’s important to be aware of local laws in your area so that you are in full compliance. Some communities have limits on how many nights per year you can rent out your property and some may require you to have a license or permit. Failure to comply could result in a hefty fine, so do your homework.

Stick to Your Budget for Furnishings

Stylish and comfortable furnishings are a must but this is one of the most expensive parts of starting an Airbnb. It’s important to set a budget and stick to it or you could blow through money that you need for other things.

Buying at discount furniture stores or pre-owned can furnish your rental home nicely and save you a lot of money.

Treat It as a Hospitality Business

Renting your home as an Airbnb is not a lark. It’s a true hospitality business. You must always be organized and professional in your dealings with guests. You may have interested parties who have special needs or requests. Being prepared to deal with them just as a hotel concierge would, will help you succeed and keep up with the competition.

Don’t Misrepresent Your Home

When creating your listing for Airbnb, be completely honest. Even slight exaggerations of the size of the house or property, or the amenities are bad business. Guests will see the difference and post negative reviews that will hurt you in the long run. You may even be kicked off Airbnb. Post photos that show your place exactly as it is.

Collect Glowing Reviews

When people search for Airbnb rentals, rest assured, they do look at reviews. Encourage guests to leave five-star reviews, especially when starting out. You can offer discounts or gifts to your first several guests in exchange for leaving an honest review. When the raves start coming in, your listing will climb to the top of the rental listing pages.

Having the right supplies coupled with commercial cleaning equipment will allow you to do a deep clean between guests and that will keep the good reviews coming in. Along with cleaning supplies, Last Chance Laundry also carries equipment and other property essentials that you will need to make your home a successful rental. Support a local business and get what you need without having to wait for delivery or driving hours to a big box store.